Top 7 Reasons To Visit Las Vegas

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If you had presumed that Las Vegas was all about gambling and nothing else but that, read on for some reality check. Las Vegas offers value for money hotels and cheap airfares. Also, there are many attractions in the proximity of the city, like Hoover Dam and Zio National Park.

Here are the top 7 reasons why you should plan on spending your holidays at Las Vegas:

The city is a major spa capital

Some luxury facilities like Qua Baths are available at famous five stars. These are a must if you visit Las Vegas. A facial and a half an hour massage is offered at mere ninety dollars. It’s a steal if you compare it with the pleasure it would leave you with.

China towns here is really an “Asia town”

Some of the best suits are regional Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese. You can also find a lot of Thai restaurants too. Lotus of Siam is a famous spot here for tasty Northern specialties.

Visit Las Vegas

Nice things are easily affordable here

You can find forty-nine dollars per night escorts and a luxurious room at a five-star hotel for something around one fifty to one thirty dollars per night. These rates are almost one-third when you compare them with those of the five stars in New York; they supposedly charge five hundred and fifty dollars per night on average. If you are not looking for five starts only, then delightfully, you can fetch a room for as low as sixteen dollars per night.

If you are not that much into gambling, but you are a food sucker, then this is surely the place for you. You can find some of the most celebrated dining spots here. Fresh seafood is shipped daily all the way from Italy to Vegas. You’d find some of the finest French cuisines here. Besides Vegas, only Paris offers as huge a variety as Vegas globally.

Luxury brand showrooms and boutiques

Las Vegas has the maximum number of Luxury brands like Gucci, Prada, Armani, and Tiffany per square kilometer than anywhere else in the world. Air conditioning comforts are available all the way from one shopping destination to another. The Las Vegas Mall has 150 stores. Best sales are offered from July to early August and after the Christmas markdowns in January.

Cheap drinks

You can find many crazy deals on drinks and happy hours. At Las Vegas Club happy hours run all throughout the day. You can relish the most amazing drinks for as low as ninety-nine cents. Four queens Resort, the Mexican restaurant serves Margherita for one dollar only, every day in the evening hours .

If you like adventure and seek thrill then take It’s a must-do on your list of activities at Vegas!

You are actually thrown in the air above one hundred and fifty feet in just 3 seconds, and whoop you are thrown down in no time! It gets scary but you would not want to miss the experience for anything under the sun!…

Selecting Your Travel Tips Destination In Asia

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Vacations serve as an excellent opportunity to get away from the usual grind of the daily routine, relax and replenish your soul with some fresh energy that pleasurable travels are able to provide. However, one important aspect of making your vacation worth the effort and the expenditure is being able to choose the most appropriate kind of travel destination. Every individual has a different perspective regarding the kind of destination he seeks. Further, every geographical territory around the globe has different kinds of tourist spots to offer. However, when it comes to Asia, the plethora of traveling options are unmatched and it has places that cater to every kind of travel requirement. Asia encompasses a range of cultural and geographical diversity so vast that it often becomes challenging to decide which Asia destination is best suited for your traveling purposes. One way of making your decision-making process easier is to have some fundamental information regarding the kind of traveling options some of the more famous Asian nations have to offer.

Perhaps, the best places are those that can offer a unique combination of various travel thrills, i.e. travel destinations in Asia that cater to every traveling sensibility, such as:

Travel Tips


This is one of the biggest island nations of south-east Asia and consists of more than 17,000 islands – and when planning a holiday, you can’t plan them all in. The largest of these are Borneo and Sumatra. Indonesia can be your destination of choice if you are seeking a combination of outdoors, self-exploration along with relaxation along the coastal waters. Just consider this — even though it is the largest Muslim-population Asian nation, Indonesia still embraces Hinduism and Buddhism.

The island locations are best suited for relaxing by the unspoiled ocean sides. One of the most recommended island destinations here in Bali. Those who are thrilled by ancient history should try to visit the Baliem Valley which is home to the legendary Dani warriors or the Prambanan for its exotic Hindu temples.

Cultural diversity becomes even more evident with the presence of the Borobudur. Those who have a liking for water sports should visit Bunaken — the most reputed scuba-diving destination in Asia. Indonesia has some of the rarest animals in the world at the Komodo National Park — the giant Komodo Dragons can be found here, bathing in the sun.


China it is a geographically vast nation and its temperature variations can be daunting for first-time travellers. It is thus recommended to spend some time in each Chinese city before venturing to the next one, to give yourself enough time to acclimatize to the changing weather. Exploring China essentially means visiting the numerous cities that define some regional features about a certain area.

Guangzhou City can be understood as the shopping and commercial capital of the nation due to its striking similarities with Hong Kong. The city of Guilin is the most preferred destination for relaxing in laidback, scenic mountain-side plains. Those who want to delve into the history of China should visit Hangzhou for its ancient connection with the Old Silk Route. Those who want to taste China’s nightlife and visit the most happening urban centres should head to Shanghai.

Historically, China is famous for The Great Wall along with the mysterious Terracotta Soldiers of Xian. …